The One Hundred – Receipts

Collection of bird illustrations for use on blogs that wish to link to their Twitter account.

Image Courtesy of Syed Gilani

“…Send me nudes…” Red mist descended.  And then it subsided – possibilities beckoned.  In its stead, calculating retribution for this offence, perhaps not given but certainly taken. Last week, my complexion was ‘A-grade crude oil’ to his timeline #LOL – this week, he’s in my DMs looking to get in elsewhere.  A screenshot: a vehicle of privacy compromised; or evidence-gatherer.  ‘Receipts’, they call them.  I have receipts. ‘To share or not to share,’ an otiose debate I will not entertain.

100 Retweets Later…

“…You didn’t have to do that…” He’s back again, flailing to recover dignity eroded since I tapped *Tweet*.  Now, *BLOCKED*.


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